Abbotsford's Premiere Pet Groomer

about us

At Abbotsford dog and cat grooming, Debbie and Christine mother daughter duo specialize in quality pet grooming that is functional and stylish for your pet. Debbie’s 40+ years experience gives her a great advantage with gentle handling of even the most finicky of pets.

Christine, who has grown up in the grooming shop with grooming as a natural passion, pays close attention to detail and is striving to provide the same great service for many many years to come.

They work together to ensure your pet has had a stress free visit every time.



$55-$200 For Haircuts
Prices vary by size, temperament, and coat type/condition.


$65-120 For Haircuts
Prices vary by size, temperament, and coat type/condition.


  • Custom haircut, proper deshedding and/or dematting depending on pets needs and owners request
  • Nails cut filed/grind to soften sharp edges
  • Evaluation of pets skin to use the proper products catered for your pet
  • Ear cleaning, hair removal and flushing (if needed)
  • Sanitary trim
  • Bath with high quality shampoos and conditioner (each pets skin/coat is evaluated first)
  • Blow dry and brush
  • Scissor feet and shave pads
  • Anal gland cleaning (upon request)


  • No appointment is necessary but we advise to call ahead on the day to ensure we are available to assist you


  • We are a full service grooming salon, all services are provided for one price
  • All cat grooming requires nail trimming first for our safety
  • No sedation on premises
  • Please inform us if your pet has a history of aggression/ medical conditions / seizures /sensitive skin/allergy problems or if you are sensitive to smells
  • All pets should be brought in with either a leash or crate for their safety
  • Each groom takes on average 2-4 hours please inform us ahead of time if you are coming from out of town or need your pet within a specific time frame that way we can do our best to organize our schedule to accommodate
  • To keep a calm environment for both the animals and staff we do not allow the owners to stay in the facility during grooming
  • In order for our cuts to look their best we are required to bath your pet, home baths although we appreciate your efforts do not allow us to blow dry and style the hair as we need and will not lower the price of grooming


“Debbie provides fabulous service at very reasonable prices! I would not trust the safety and welfare of my dog with many people but trust Debbie implicitly! She is thorough and very gentle!!”

-Valerie Hughes

“I was SO impressed with this Groomer. I brought my 4 year old cat in to get groomed for the first time. She is very shy and scares easily. When I brought her in she was quickly hugged by the staff and they made her feel very comfortable and safe. Since her haircut, she is extremely happy. She seems like a completely different cat. She is acting more youthful again. Thank you so much! We are definitely going to come back and I will recommend all my friends to you. You guys rock”

-Jessica Nascimento